Ideas for art?

I’m doing a portraiture unit in art for my gcse and I really have nooo ideas whatsoever. I’ve thought, since it’s christmas, I could take a photo of myself in a bauble so that the image is all distorted or something, but I’ve got no other ideas!

Any ideas are welcome :)

Answer #1

Santa’s deer and sleigh gliding across the full moon over the houses with only the streets lights bright, and a very thin layer of snow covering the streets. Sound pretty to Me!!!:)

Answer #2

That sounds cool or you could look at other art for ideas and incorporate yourself into other art pictures you see

Answer #3

this might sound really creepy…but im a double major in art and I haven’t gotten into any photography classes yet. But If I were you, I would get naked and lie in the snow…it sounds crazy, but it would definitely be eye catching. 1. cause youre naked and two cause not many people get into the snow naked. if you feel uncomfortable naked…maybe in underwear? I don’t know, just an idea.

Answer #4

I had to do the same thing just the other week at school lol, so I did a portrait of my brother but made his eye bulgy and freaky, and did it all in dark cool colours. but I also like your idea. im just putting in my opinion lol

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