Ideas for an interesting book

I am a writer of books but I really dont know what people are looking for a good books.. if you guys have any ideas or a certain type of book or story that you would like to see written let me know thanks

Answer #1

The key to being a great writer is to create stories that nobody would expect or come up with on their own.

You can write some good books using the ideas of other people, but if you want to “wow” people, use your imagination and give them something unheard of.

Answer #2

I write books just depends on who you are writing it children adults teens?

Answer #3

If you cant think of a good idea by yourself then you are not yet ready to be a writer. you need to think for yourself and decide what you want to write about.

I am also writing a book, and it took me a long time to decide but if you are a writer the idea will come to you.

if you would like a suggestion to start you off maybe something with love because that seems to be very populer but with some action to keep the reader intrested. hope this helps and good luck with your book Sylvie

Answer #4

I love books with a little mystery, some humor, and some romance. To me those kind of books are hard for me to put down. Like the book Twilght. I love it.

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