What are some good ideas for an artist with art block?

I wold be very appreciative if I could get some help.

Answer #1

Look at some pictures, read over some stuff and see if you can get some kind of image in your head. Just scrible on a pad and see if something start off that.

Answer #2

Read poetry, go outside, look at other people’s art, eating usually gives me ideas :P, scribbling, use crayons and play in a coloring book, watch a carton and pick out what you like best about it…. theses are all things that help me when I get stuck. - Katie ♥

Answer #3

Honestly, as a center of many people. I say observation. Look at the world for a few days, pay attention to detail. See the world for more than what it is…. And soon you could imagine the ocean in the sky and grass growing on trees…. Its just about things that you can expeirance meeting things you cant.

Answer #4

A lot of artists document world events through their art, or try to convey the horror of disasters. There was a tsunami just this morning that hit Japan and Hawaii.

Answer #5

Thanks :)

Answer #6

Thank you

Answer #7

Thank you much

Answer #8

I think you just inspired my next piece. Thank you much.

Answer #9

I’m glad. And I’d love to see it when it’s finished, if you’re open to that.

Answer #10

Why of course :)

Answer #11

I would imagine that maybe changing your scenery - in other words, try changing the places where you do your work. For instance, if you have been working strictly from an office or inside the home. may be a move to the outdoors would be good. Say, the beach,…a park,..a public venue,…somewhere different might bring about new thoughts and ideas.

Answer #12

Never thought about that, Thanks :)

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