What would be your idea of the perfect "first date" with that special someone? hmmm :]

Answer #1

Getting icecream and holding hannnnds and ‘that special someone’ buying me a balloooooon :D …oh wait, that was our first date!! :3 Awesome <3

Answer #2

lmao!!! awesome :]

Answer #3

My boyfriend gave me the perfect first date.. he came to my house, met my parents, they loved him, we left, went bowling, came back to my house, watched Definitely, Maybe, hung out a bit… and then it was over.. .it was so perfect though..

Answer #4

lOl sounds super kewl. :]

Answer #5

I don’t know about bowling, but yah, something simple, relaxed, fun, silly, even a walk on nice evening and stopping for ICE CREAM! Movies are ok, but you don’t talk much, but it would be ok if you walked to and back from it. Concerts, first date, eh, I’d rather not. But I don’t like crowds.

Answer #6

I agree…. lOl it seems everyone thinks ice cream is a good thinq for the perfect “first date” :]

Answer #7

It totally is ^^ …but one of the worst thigns that can happen on a date is when you make your boyfriend laugh so hard he vomits >> but it’s okay, I love him anyway :D

Answer #8

Anything really, he of course has to pay full attention to me on that date, he revolves around me on that date :D

Answer #9

I think going to an amusement park for the day, and then go home curl up on the couch and watch a movie XD Then fall asleep like that. That would be so cute!!

Answer #10

Movie date

Answer #11

lol, this is what i want my first date to be like. Thanks for asking this question!! it was fun to answer =D

Answer #12

eatn out would be suitable… nothn fancy though.. lol.. like some hot dogs on a bun.. sittn down under the stars at night, talkn about everything.. gettn to know eachother..the afterwards a bit of icecream.. and a ride home :) lol.. too much? but thts my perfect date

Answer #13

WEll i have two versions so here’s one Just before sunsets a romantic kiss but before the kiss a picnic. OR a trip to a fair class restaurant and then we go home.

Answer #14

we went floating down a river talking all day, then went to dinner, and ice cream….been together every since (;

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