what idea or expectations do you have for your gender roles?

Answer #1

Fito say whaa??

Answer #2

lol. I think he’s asking what sort of gender role expectations do you have. I’ll give you a very stereotypical classic example. Women stay at home and take care of kids while men earn money outside the home and support the family financially. A more subtle expectation, for example, is expecting women to carry purses (the fact that I am purseless annoys my mother to no end and baffles every other female I meet because they cant figure out where I keep my stuff).

Answer #3

Anything a guy can do, we can do better. :-) Males are not the only ones who are the bread providers or wear the pants at home now. Females can match males in career, income and can hold down a full-time job and still raise a family.

Answer #4

This is for me personally only. But our home is my husband is the bread winner. I’m the home maker. I have a better education (Masters in Marketing) but this is what I enjoy and love doing. Taking care of my home and husband is something that gives me joy and fullfillment in my life. This isn’t for everyone, but for us it works great. He comes home from a hard day of work knowing he doesn’t have to worry about a thing. I know i’m well taken care of and provided for, he buys me whatever I want for myself or our home. I make sure he has a a full dinner on the table, clean clothes. Our love life is fantastic and our relationship has no misunderstandings because we know what each other expects from one another.

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