What is your idea or definition of a good person?

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Someone who isnt cruel or bad or mean. Someone who tries not to hate and still doesnt think highly of themselves. Someone who does good things (donating, being kind, comforting, helping, complementing, or just being a good friend/classmate) and still doesnt think they are a good person. If they can do all these kind things and still think they arnt good, then they are even more amazing.

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Every single person makes mistakes, does things that arent "good" at times, is mean to another person, etc. What makes the difference is when a person can admit they were wrong, learn from those mistakes, and grow as a person because of them. Thats what a good person is to me. Not someone who is perfect, but someone who learns from their mistakes and tries to be a better person.

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someone who does the right thing even when people are looking

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A perason who looks passed peoples differences, who understands their mistakes learns from them and does not get knocked down by them.
Someone who tries to help people and just try their best to be perfect, but knows they can't and accept tue mistakes they do.

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Someone who strives to make this world better. Being a good person does not mean that you need to be a saint because every one of us makes mistakes. A good person just means that someone genuinely cares about others, someone who is humble and loves to just help wherever they can without forgetting to take care of themselves. Everyone has the capability to be a good person :)

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Somebody who, even though they don't get along with some people or make mistakes, they mean well and try their hardest.

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