I wore a padded bra and got busted !!!

How do I make my boobs bigger im 13 and a size 10A all of the people im my class and grade are ‘bigger’ than me!!! I have worn a padded bra but I got busted now I cant go to school without one person saying “r you waring a padded bra sarah?” I cant get implants cause im to young so what do I do HELP MEEE

Answer #1

13?!?!?!? HOLY LIZZARD PASTE! you should not be worrying about this stuff. you still have time to grow

Answer #2

denaxx I totally agree with you, I’m 14 and B, and they totally annoy me!

Answer #3

don’t worry you might end you bing bigge than them in years to come!

Answer #4

when you get to school head to the bathroom quick and stuff your bra with tp!!!then when your on your way home go back in there and take it out

Answer #5

dont think your fully developed yet and even if you are dont be ashamed lol kinda silly to get all embaressed about

Answer #6

well first off if someone asks you if you have a padded bra on tell them do you have one on? and if they say no say okay then and walk away its none of their bi! second your boobs will catch up trust meh I was like you 2 lolz. but be proud the way you r!! trust meh when you get boobs their gonna get in the way honey!! trust meh im 14 and want 2 loose mine to an even though im a b. then guys start to look at you when you run in gym and trust meh I would want to trade for yours lolz

Answer #7

well I dont see how they knew you were wearing a padded bra any way ? and theres probly girls in your class that wear them to before just dont know so dont worryy :) x

Answer #8

first you need to grow up a bit and realise that breasts dont jjust majically pop up when you reach 13 right now youve only just GEGUN to go through puberty and your breats take YEARS to develoip, no days, not weeks, not months…YEARS your boobs will stop growing at around the age of 18-21 so untill then all you can do is wait untill they grow some more also at 13 its ILLEGAL for a surgeon to give you breats implants its even illegal at 16 its only legal when ypor 18 years old and your breatsa have fully developed otherwide youd get stupid implants but your boobs would still be growing and make them look horrible the only way would be if they were deformed if you were around 16 and your boobs were actually DEFORMED a surgeon might help you but seeing as though your not, they wont just wait you have YEARS to wait for them to grow as for the padded bras, BIG DEAL a lot of kids wear them because like you they still dont really understand that there boobs are developing and they could be small for a few years so its likley that a lot of other girls are wearing them too but at your age, theres really no need to wear them anyway especially if its for attention from boys you want because looking for attention from your breasts at 13 years old is just wrong if its because your insecure or think that everyone else has big boobs (when they really dont and you and all your friends develop at different rates, not to mention that genes make up a large part of how big or small your boobs will get) then its okay

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