How to lose 60lbs in 30 months?

I want to lose 60 pounds,but it's so hard.I don't want to take pills or lipo.Can you help me?

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Ok, what I am about to tell you is easier said than done, but if done, you will lose weight and if you follow it for life, you will never gain the weight back...One put the soda pop down forever. Two, go GLUTEN-FREE. Google GLUTEN-FREE and you will see. I am doing this now. I am in the process of doing the research for the gluten-free lifestyle, because my stomach just cannot take the gluten in foods, but I can assure you that you will loose the weight and never gain it back. Also, drink water, water, water and exercise. Just walking will do it for you at the beginning and then adding strenght training you will be on your way.

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Caligirl11, you get my vote for sanest person ever on this site. OMG. a reasonable, healthy goal.

There are many paths to your goal, but they all have the same mantra -
>>> Burn more calories than you take in. <<<
Think junk food, bad ... soft drinks, bad ...
Fresh fruit and veggies, good ... balanced meals, good ...
Some people swear by 5 or more SMALL meals a day

Exercise several times a week. I don't mean a gym workout, although that's fine. I mean skating, tennis, dancing, swimming, skiing, etc. --- fun things that get your heart rate up. Do these things and you will be losing that weight.

Oh, and you should get a check up with your doctor and explain your goals so you can receive his / her guidance.

Good Luck!!!

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that's losing about 0.5lb per wk.
you can do that easily.
just excercise and eat less.

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