I want to kick someones a**?

I want to teach this man a good lesson alesson of alifetime…im a 21yr old girl I used to work with one of my staff ,he was my boss a 34yr married fat a…I did so much for that man..I was so loyal,sincere and dedicated in my work.I went out of the way to complete my job…he was one of my fav teachers in college and even I was his..but now all of the sudden he is acting weird.he is not givivng me work to do..earlier he gave me enough work..all my friends are telling me that he was just using you…he knew you are a young ,beautiful and an emotional girl..he cudnt use me physically because I never gave him a chance…my biggest mistake was that I told him about myfamily problems now I feel I shoudnt have said al that…but im a veryyy emotional and naive…I dont know what to do..I will definitely leave job…but first I want to teach him a good lesson…I want to show him how does it feel when you play with someone elses emotions…actually another junior colleague of mine wants to join but my boss said der is no vacany,my colleague is good fellow and I dont want him to work with this fat a because I want someone of his level or his type to work with him..my colleague mean while is lukin 4 a job in another place ,I feel until he gets that job I will stay here…once he gets I will this a…this a doesnt do any work,I do everything for him…please tell me how to kick his a**

Answer #1

you can kick his a$$ by showing up to work one day, sit quietly for him to come him, and then when he comes in the room and asks for you to do something be like “No I don’t feel like it, so I guess that means you have to actually do some work for once fatty” and then walk out of there, you’re basically quitting your job while feeling good about it, don’t literally kick his a$$ though, then he can win easily with lawsuits

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