How can i gain weight?

Yes yes I know ! Everyone has a misconception that eatin foods high in fat && calories is the best thing to do ; like they say : eat a lotta fried chikken or spare ribs && just be greedy && eat a lot .

Thats actually unhealthy . Fatty foods can increase chances of heart disease ; plus I want to get a lil thicker ; not get a flabby stomach . Ewww ,

So anyways : I am attending a gym ; to tone up ; my personal trainer says I should eat 3 meals a day ;

I wud just like to know what type of foods are good to increase muscle mass && to basically gain weight .

I know pasta is one ; && foods high in carbs . Anythin else ?

&& what type of exercises are good for the bottom half of my body ; basically the waist down ; where I want to increase the weight in ?

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there are drinks called ensure me and my brother drink them cause we have fast metabolism we both think they taste good. They have like 4 or 5 differ flavors

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iM AlREAdy tAkiN MUlti-VitAMiNS ONE Wit EVERy MEAl ; 3 tiMES A dAy =]

bUt thAt PROtEiN ShAkE ; fOR EXAMPlE , thE ONE I bOUGht iN thE GYM tAStES AWfUl ;

I thiNk id RAthER tAkE PROtEiN PillS ;;

iS it A GOOd idEA tO MiX thE MUlti VitAMiN PillS Wit PROtEiN PillS ?

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High in protein... If you go to the vitamin store you can get protein bars, shakes etc...

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Well eat anything that is higher in protein ( aka chicken, eggs, steak) stuff like that. don't splurge in it if you just want to add a little thin layer, but have two out of the 3 meals include a size able portion of protein.

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