I want to buy a cappuchin monkey

Hi everybody! I ‘m from Greece and I want to buy a cappuchin monkey. I had never had such an experience but I want it very much. Can anyone answer me how can I train it in order to be loyal? how can I teach it to listen to me carefully me and not being aggressive? which age is the best in order to take it away from its mother?

Answer #1

my grandparents had a monkey actualy quite a few

Answer #2

Erm… isn’t that illegal…

All primates suffer greatly from this cruel trade, which takes babies from their mothers to be raised by hand for the pet trade. This early separation is extremely traumatic for both mother and baby as, like us, primates are dependent on their mothers for at least 2-3 years.

Primates suffer mentally and physically from being kept in captivity as we can never provide for all their needs and as pets they often face isolation and neglect. As wild animals, they can never be domesticated and are also dangerous and a threat to public health due to the diseases that they can carry.

It is cruel… you want to support the market that puts the monkeys through such trauma so you can have it as a cute little pet monkey in a bird cage or in the shed at the end of your garden.

Its cruel… don’t do it.

  • Jess
Answer #3

How could anyone steal these from their mothers… making them traumatised… they belong with their mother in the wild… not behind bars…

Answer #4

I dont think I’d go as far as to say that having one as a pet is cruel. I mean, thats like saying a pet dog is cruel, too. I just think that some animals should be left in their natural habitat, not in the hands of a species so different.

And I’m pretty sure you’d need a special lisence anyways.

Answer #5

Capuchin monkeys are not illegal to have as pets, and they’re no more inhumanely treated than any dog or cat you get from the humane society…usually they are orphaned.

You don’t keep them in cages…they’re free-roaming pets, but they are a lot of work and responsibility.

Answer #6

Is it possible to do that without a special animal lisence?

Answer #7

Poorr monkey =(

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