How can I become a plus size model?

my want is to be a plus size model . im a small size 16 (uk) im quite healthy 5foot 10 with nice teeth , very good bone structure and a defined yet thicker figure. many people say this is what I should do and I am a very determined 16 year old .

do you all think I have what it takes? and if so where should I look too? &hearts emme.

Answer #1

To apply to be a model then go to Storm is one of the top modelling agencies and is where people like Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrossio, Lily Cole etc. are from. Also I know that they have recently signed a contract with a plus size model and are willing to take risks and try new things out so your best bet is to apply to them. However, because of them being such a big agency it will take them awhile to get back to you because they have hundreds of applications every week so it may take them a few months to get back to you. If you send your photos online then you need two full body pictures and two head shots. Hope this helped. Let me know how it goes. x

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