I want to be a pilot.

Okay so I’m 16 and my ambition is to be a pilot. But I’m a bit stuck on what you have to do to get there.. I’ve heared you need at least 5 GCSEs A*-C and atleast a C maths. And I heared that you need atleast 2 A levels preferably in maths and physics. So I’ve just had my GCSE results back and I’ve got 12 GCSEs and a C in maths so I’m kind of on my way. I hate physics but I’m prepared to take it for A level if that’s what I need but I can’t take maths so as an alternative I’ve decided to take chemistry and french instead. But I don’t really know what I need to do after I’ve completed my A levels? :S Can anyone help? I have done some research but it’s too much for me to really understand. :/ P.S I recently had a flying lesson in swansea so I have half hour of flying time behind me so far :L

Answer #1

Join the military. :o) They’ll train you to be a pilot, give you aircraft to fly, and you can study to get your commercial pilot’s license while your in and they’ll pay for it.

Answer #2

But I can’t join the military because I havn’t got 100% perfect eyesight :/ (I’m a girl by the way, do you think this will effect my chances of becoming a pilot?)

Answer #3

No, I don’t think so. I’ve known female pilots. My father is a helicopter pilot with our local police department. For 26 years before that he flew for the US Army. His eyesight is horrid, but he wears corrective lenses. The only way I would think your vision would disqualify you is if you were to be a fighter pilot- the altitude and helmets might not work. But I’m unsure on that. Talk to a recruiter for your military. They can usually answer your questions. If you want to be a commercial pilot (say, for an airline…) then I do not think you being female will affect you at all. I’ve flown with several females as my pilots.

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