How can I get my ex back and will I ever?

ok so im just gonna explain what happend…ok so me and him have been together for about 8months and we were like the perfect couple…everyone in school knew that we were and our relationship was just different and more open then anyone elses iv ever seen…ok so last week he had this camp he went to for a week and stayed over night…and there was only one girl there and she goes to our school…and shes decent lookin and stuff but sooo i bought my bf a trac fone to talk to me while he was away since his rents woudlnt let him take his cell and so about wed in the middle of our conversation it went dead and so i didnt get to talk to him for like 4days untill saturday…i findd he changed his myspace password and took my name out and everything so i checked my cell and i had a voicemail sayin he thinks we should just be friends and blah blah and he said call me later so i did and left him voicmail so he called me later that night and we talkd for like 4 hours and he was cryin and sayin how he still loved me and everyting and he said his mom made him break up with me and cuz she found out bad stuff and so i was sorta mean on the fone bein a smartass and cuz i had the ryt and so i pissed him off and i just hungup…so i felt really bad for what had happend so the next day everyone ..even his friends are like he’ll come back to you and so i get hom and its like 10 at night and i get a pic message and its of him and this girl from camp holdin eachother at his house …so i talked to some ppl and foudn out that at camp they were all over eacother and everytihn…so i left him a voicmail wishin him luck…and bein a smartass…and told him theres no point on ever talkin again…ok so 2days after we break up him and this chick are together…so i had some of my guy friends comment me about hangin out and talkin on the fone for hours and so a couple days later he comments me on myspace and was all askin how im doin and all this personal stuff and he was readin comments below that i had with my guy friends and was like so i see things are good with them… and like he found out i was at the ppoool the day b4 …and so he asked how i was and i was like great never could of been better…even tho deep down i was miserable…and so i asked bout her and he went into great detail …obviously tryin to make me jealous…and i just played it cool and acted like i didnt care and had moved on…and so now im talkin to this kid and him and my ex are competein for the varsity QB position and they used to be friends but they arnt because a while ago my ex got jealous of me and him…so like im really tryin to make my ex jealous…and not necisarriliy to have him back but just to know that he reilzed what a big mistake he made…i mean you dont talk to someone everynight for 8months 5hours a night and not know everything about them and talk about everything…and i know that no one will ever get as close to him as me…and everyone i talked to are like theres no way there gonna last and i know he’ll come back…so that night that he was commentin me i got like 4 voicmails from him just prank callin me and then he called me 2 times wihtout blockin his number and was like just keepin in touch …but you have more important ppl to talk to so ya…i mean what do you guys think…thats pretty much the summary…i mean i like this new kid competing with him but i still love my ex…and i know he loved me and you cant just stop lovin someone that fast especially after everyting we’ve been through…so how can i get him back and do you think he will??? please help and its only been 5days since we broke up.

Answer #1

OK…hmmm I was is something simular this is what i decided. As much as I thought I loved this guy, I knew in my heart there would always be a trust issue after what he did to me. He broke up with me cuz he said his parent thought I was too young…instead of him sticking up for me …he deleted me of his myspace as his friend and went back to his old girlfriend. Now after 5 months with his old girlfriend he decided he made the wrong choice…I was smart enough to remember all the things he did without communicating to me (just like your EX BF) The trust issues…so as much as he wanted to get back with me…I decided not to (which Im hoping you will too) cuz I looked bk and realized if he lied to me about the breakup reason (still contacted me during the time he was with his old/new gf) why wouldn’t he do the same to me? Oh course it all goes dowon the the old saying “Once a Cheater Always a Cheater”. So have a cry and then move on and realize you deserve much better out there… you know I did…shortyl I met the most wonderful guy in the world, and you know what? he was my ex’s friend…hahahah so what goes around comes around…so move on it will be better!!!

Answer #2

Sounds like you need to cut your losses and move on, as hard as it may be. He obviously likes eazy girls. You probable have a long line of decent guys to choose from. Do it wisely.

Answer #3

If you have any guy friends that will help you out and that wont tell him what your doing, keep getting them to comment your messages and pictures, even take some pictures with some of them and put them in ur myspace on an album saying my friends or something and have some with u and ur girls but have several with guys and everything and just get them to comment saying ur a great girl an ur so beautiful that they are so lucky to have u as a friend and everything. I think what he did was pretty stupid and I have been though it in the past. Make him as jealous as possible.


P.S. If you want to be friends my myspace is -

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