I want big breasts

I have a small breast and really want it biggy I usually get attracted to people with big breast I don't know what to do because I want my breast enlarged, I don't want surgery or pills is there any easy way I can enlarge my breast

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no not by itself but you are young give it time to grow. your body is still developing. and believe me my boobs are a size E and the suck so bad. your back hurts. you get the wrong kind of attention sometimes. you cant wear regular shirt or spagettie strap w/o looking like a slut. buttons on your shirts dont button. they sometimes pop open unexpectedly. smaller boobs are cute PERKY and are still boobs. if you have big boobs they will sag. sooner or later. I for one would rather have small perky boobs then huge saggy ones that just arent worth it. unless you have implants or plan on never having kids. but even then if you have anything more than a c or d they will start to sag.

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wats your opinion of 'small'?

How do I make my breast grow

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