I've never had a girlfriend, and I don't know why?

Ok, well I’m 17, and at the end of my Junior year in High School, and never had a girlfriend. Here are the stereotypes I’ve been hearing.

“You must be really ugly” No, umm…I’m 6’1, tan all year around, dark hair, big, not going to lie, some fat, but mostly muscle, and extremely mild acne. I’m not saying I’m REAL good looking, I’d say I’m a 7 out of 10.

“You must be shy” Rediculous. I have a LOT of friends, heck, I’m pretty social. Actually, it looks as if girls are attracted to shy guys, considering girls do all of the talking themselves. I talk to girls all of the time, sometimes they’ll just be friends, and most of the time they ignore me.

Another thing is I’m aimed to be successful in life. I show up everyday in school, achieve a 3.0 GPA, looking to be a teacher, and I go to work 15-20 hours a week, and never call off. I have excellent work ethic, and that means I should be successful when I’m an adult.

One problem no one mentions that I have found out is I can’t find anyone SINGLE! It seems EVERY girl has a date. Maybe it’s just southwestern Ohio, but I really don’t know.

In my Freshman year, I skipped the dance, and played video games. In Sophmore year, I skipped both Homecoming, and Prom, and worked insetad.

This year, I skipped Homecoming, and Prom to work.

So, I want some advice to actually meet girls who are single, and actually get a girl to like me.

Answer #1

Im in the same boat…except im a sophmore…IN COLLEGE!!! If you feel bad as a junior in high school with no girl, just imagine how I must feel.

Answer #2

im 17too but my problem is I have always and I mean ALWAYS asked girls but never got any so I have given up,because all society wants is what they see in hollywood,but their is still hope for you man

good luck to you man^_^

Answer #3

Well, you arent always going to find a girl around where you are, love can hide anywhere, believe me, mine was hiding all the way in London, : ) lol, anyways, just dont rush it, when you find a girl that you truly like thats single then itll be right but until then just keep looking, dont come off as cokcy or anything but take it slow and just be yourself around all girls, you should show interest in girls, but not by being a hory bastad. Just be considerate and be patient and im sure that a girl will come along. Online is always a place to make new friends andtest it out, just try things and see where it gets you. You sound like a really nice guy and im sure there are tons of girls that are going to love you but just arent aware of it yet (no lie) : ) Hope I was of helpp hun xoxo

Answer #4

I’ve never had one either man , im your age and yes it really sucks but what has kept me a float this whole time is if I am feeling down about it I will go out with some friends to a mall or something and even just making eye contact with other girls or getting/giving looks can make you feel better bout yourself eventually it will come … I hope for both you and myself

Answer #5

just keep on at it dont let it bring you down xx

Answer #6

I’m also a junior in high school and my major problem with girls is confidence. I can give a speech to 300 strangers but when I’m in that one on one, it gets a little hard. I’m not shy at all, I’m actually very outgoing and have tons of friends. I’m just affraid of saying something that can ruin my chances with a girl.

Answer #7

im 15, a freshman in highschool, and I’ve never had a girlfriend. My parents have put me in really high rated schools ever since I was little so I have always been the only black guy, or kid in my classes. I finally get to go to a normal high school, but its the same thing cause im in honors classes. I’m not knocking the white girls, but I get the feeling their not into me and you know why… how do you think I must feel.

Answer #8

Blakeofadown, don’t panic!

Not having a girlfriend at 17 seems to be a major failure, especially when in the middle of High School, but believe me: you will live.

You described yourself as very active and dedicated, so I ask you: do you really just want ANY girl? I do not think so. You should find a girl you like. What would be the point if the girls in your region were chasing you down the street, if you do not like them??

I never had a boyfriend at 17 either, simply because nobody really interested me. So I didn’t pursue anyone.

My advice is: keep being yourself. Either a girl will fall in love with you for yourself OR you will fall in love and find out what you should change in order to compromise on.

Please, don’t ever force yourself into a different person than you are unless you really want to!

Be proud of who you are and what you achieved, work on things you want to change and - if nothing else - wait for college/university/etc. People there tend to be more interesting.

One last bit of advice, before I shut up: Be ACTIVE. Waiting for girls to proclaim their eternal love to you won’t happen. Encourage them to like you. Flirt a bit. Do not avoid them and do not redicule them.

And good luck in everything you do!! :)

Answer #9

hubberz, I thank you for your answer, but the part where you said “Be yourself” is SOOO not true. I’m always myself, I tend to be different from most uys my age, like take a hike insetad of text on a cell phone. I do listen to the group GORILLAZ which is different. Girls like guys who are just like them it seems like.

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