I tink my cat is having sezures

when my cat sleeps near my computer I touch him when he twictches and knowing he is a light sleeper he won’t wake up until I have to touch his shoulder and shake him its scares me please help by the way he twitches a lot!

Answer #1

He’s dreaming just like dogs do…you’d KNOW instictively, if he was having a seizure…it’s not just a “twitch”…it’s jerking, flailing, running in place, drooling…very different than “twitching” while sleeping.


Answer #2

no he is twitching before I poke him and I poke him because I woory that he might not wake up and he is on his side stretched out when he has his “twitch attacks”

Answer #3

he’s just dreaming and stop poking him when hes snoozing. you would twitch too if you kept getting poked when you were working on your beauty sleep.

Answer #4

Is he just sleeping when this happens, like all curled up or is he flailing on his back twitching? I would take him to the vet or just call them and ask just to be sure.

Answer #5


Answer #6

sounds as if you are shocking him. try touching something before you touch him, like a table.

Answer #7

wait when you touch him is when he twitches?

Answer #8

usually when I see cats having sezures they are awake and they are foaming at the mouth and they cant function normally… their third eyelid is halfway over their eye… if your cat is a light sleeper it would wake up if it was having one.

Answer #9

Chasing mice in his sleep. But if you are really concerned have you Vet check him out. Please try going to a Vet that specializes in cats. If you live in a town that has one.

Answer #10

my 11 year old lab twitches in her sleep all of the time and she is hard to wake up as well. this is not seizures, but since aniamls cant talk in their sleep, when they dream they tend to twitch or move a lot. I would take your cat to the vet to be sure though… better safe than sorry!

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