How can I talk to him about how we ended?

So, I met this boy a few months ago, but we really didnt start talking until a few weeks ago. The first few days were really intense where we would talk all day through texts, and then talk on the phone for a few hours a night. He kept telling me how much he liked me and how he couldnt wait until we hung out and how he was sure that we would be in a relationship soon. He made a bet with me that he would be the better kisser.. and all of this other cute stuff about how much he liked me. Keep in mind thats hes really attractive and sweet and caring. And its not like I’m some unexperienced dater or anything where I get enfatchuated(sp?) with every boy. I know what I’m doing. I just dont know what I’m doing about him because I actually liked this boy. He was different. Oh and Im 16 and hes 17…
So anyways… all of a sudden one day he just stopped talking to me, and was making up excuses of why he couldnt talk. So I gave him a few days and then asked what happend, and he said he just wanted to remain friends until we hung out. That was understandable, but he was the one that had suggested everything. So… I didnt talk to him for some two weeks, and then I got the text that just said hey. And I responded, but didnt get a response back. So another two weeks get by and I get another text and we actually talked a little. He said that he really wanted to hang out and he went back to saying that he bet he was going to be the better kisser. I thought that finally he may have come around. We planned that we would hang out on Sunday. So then today on myspace he posts a bulliten saying that he got a girlfriend blah blah blah… sap sap sap. What do I do? We were supposed to hang out. And Eh… lol I really wanted him to work out, and I thought that he would. I want to confront him about it… I just dont know how without sounding b*tchy or without sounding desperate. And I really want a response back… so UGHHHHH. Help… please

Answer #1

OMG. ive been through this b4, and im pretty sure your head is twisted txt him asking if hes still on for sunday if he doesnt reply, then dont go, and if he askes y u didnt go, say thought it was canceled cuz he didnt reply. if he replys saying no, then keep ur cool and cry at night. that always works. </3 i hope he realizes your the one he wants to hookup with and be with.

best of luck<3

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