Why didn't i ejaculate?

My girlfriend was giving me oral and when I climaxed, she said nothing came out. What's wrong with me???

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Its very possible that she didnt even relize..if you usualtly do when you masterbate then you probably did. and if you had recently masterbated then it might not have been very much. But sometimes i dont notice when my boy cums in my mouth so.

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It's possible something came out and she didn't realize it. Or, if you had ejaculated earlier in the day, there might not be much left over. I'm fairly sure that only about a teaspoon to a tablespoon comes out anyway, which isn't much! Some men have a lot, some have very little. Even a teaspoon full (look at a spoon - it's small!) is enough to cause pregnancy so be very careful and always wear a condom. At any rate, it doesn't indicate there's anything wrong with you at ALL.


He ejaculated on my leg
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Usually there is quite a bit..it probably shot off somewhere and she didn't see it. Don't worry about stuff like this folks.

When you ejaculate, do you have to clean it off?

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