I think I broke my big toe..can you help please???

Ok I was putting the window A/C unit in and steped bac onto a box fan my brother had set down behind me…smart one…at first it didnt hurt at all but about 10 minites later I could bearly walk on it and it husts so so bad to walk on it or touch it or even move it & now its kind of a numb feeling it really weird…& it hurts on & around my knuckle/joint not at the end by the nail or anything & there is a little bruse on top…do you think I broke it???

Answer #1

I had surgery on my entire foot because it basically broke in half (thts me for ya) and had 3 screws put in, one taken out (thats now 2 surgeries) and was in crutches, cast, boot, all that FUN stuff haha… but I dont know much about toes than I do feet… if its swollen and looks kinda demented, go to the nearest hospital fast…if its tingling or numb you should also go because that signifies nerve damage… you also could have jammed your toe somehow anyway hope that helped :)

Answer #2

I agree… we really dont know because we cant see your toe… I just recently had surgery on my entire foot because it basically broke in half (haha thts me for ya) and I had 3 screws put in and got one taken out (thts now two surgeries), was in crutches, cast, boot, lots of stuff but I dont know much about toes only feet… if its swollen and looks kinda demented, then you should go to the nearest doctor or hospital… also if you feel its tingling or kind of numb, you should also go because it could signify nerve damage… yep so thts it

Answer #3

I broke my toe and theyhad sugery on it. soo I would go to the doctors b.c what happened was some girl stepped o nmy foot and snapped a piece of my bone off and I had pins in my foot to put I back togetherand I was in a cast. but im still playing soccer

Answer #4

Even if you went to the Dr., they’d xray it…say “yeah, it’s broke”…and do nothing…there isn’t anything they can do for a busted toe.


Answer #5

more likely jammed it? when you feel the joint is there any lumps or something different from your other big toe? if so, well truthfully the docs wont do much. ice it for 20 min. and leve it alone for 45. then another 20. take a pain med. like ib profin.

Answer #6

You probably broke it. I broke mine playing soccer in gym class, and there was no bruise. One you’ve broken your toe, it is never the same again.

Answer #7

Thanks guys…I appreciate it…

Answer #8

You may have, but we’re not doctors, nor can we diagnose something we can’t see.

Go to the hospital.

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