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Why does she think she's pregnant?

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I have written this site a few times in the past and they all helped me a few times. my girlfriend and I ended last night on a bad note because she believes she maybe pregnant but form the information I got from this site tells me she cant be pregnant. ill give a quick recap. during thanksgiving we had sex but I did not cum in her, we pulled out before it happened. during December she had her period which from what I understand is that she cant be pregnant if she gets her period. is there any way that she can be pregnant? some of the things she says she is feeling is she is more tired then normal and she is eating more than normal, and she thinks her stomach is getting bigger is any of this signs of pregnancy?

she cant go do the test apparently you got to be 18 to buy a test kit, and then she has no way of transportation to get to a clinic and im all the way in Virginia in the navy.

second question is during her December period we did have sex, now this site told me that during her period she cant get pregnant, so is that true? and if it isn't true than would she be able to tell if the last day we had sex was December 31st?

since we got in an argument over if she is pregnant or not what can I do or say to her to comfort her and let her know that I want to be there for her and that I understand what is happening and that I am aware on what's going on. she said that her friends and family would look down on her what are some comforting things I can say if she does turn out to be pregnant?

thanks so much for the help, I just want to know what is going on, and I want to be the best father that I can be if she is pregnant, thanks again