I really love her

if you still love your ex girlfriend, how can you get back with her? I made a prank and now she hates me, I love her with all my heart what can I do?

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are you her friend?

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Give her some time.
Shes not going to get over this easily.

do you love me?
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Well your the *** who did that sh!t?
She has every right to be mad.

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she doent wanna talk to me she mad I love her she has an account here her name is angie

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well I love her

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I love my ex
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I know I made a mistake pwincessirenemarie but I love her and im going to do whatever to get her back

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awww what was the prank?? sounds bad

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If you really loved her you wouldnt have done that.
You need to grow up, if your still playing these little kid pranks then you sure arent mature enough for a relationship.
Try talking to her & say your sorry & make sure it doesnt happen again.

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