I really like her

how do I get this girl to like me I really like her and all and we are really good friends and we flirt and text all the time but how do I get her to like me I asked her and she doesnt like me like that but how do I get her to like me

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Mate if she doesn't like you then she DOESN't like u.
She doesn't share the same feelings as you do and you'll have to deal with that and I no that'll be hard but it's something you'll have to do otherwise you could end up freakin her out.

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Well you can't force sumone tew like u..if she told you she doesnt like you in that way then maybee its because she doesnt want to ruin yur frendship..The whole dating yur friend thing isnt the best idea onlii because if it doesnt work out then itll b akward afterwards but hey its yur choice..there's not a whole lot you can dew besides flirt and maybee tell her how you feel..

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when she said she didnt like me it was like right after we met and thats been like a couple of months and I havent really thought about it much more

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