Do you think I'm pretty or have tips on how to look better?

I have really low self confidence from my childhood. some people tell me im pretty but I have a very hard time believing them. please answer truthfully or give me tips on how to look better if you want. I really appreciate it. =)

here are 2 pictures of me.

Answer #1

ah your GORGEOUS. SERIOUSLY. I think you are beautiful. you have the sad innocent jess alba eyes and all. I was shocked and I know this post is like a yr old but I coodnt help it cause you r sooo pretty BELIEVE THEM peace outxox

Answer #2

This is the advice i gave an individual who asked the same question as yourself:

I can empathise with you regarding how you feel about your looks; at one stage in my life i felt the same about my appearance example, i didn’t feel attractive or pretty to other males. But then came a point recently were i started to build my confidence, self-esteem and positive aspects about myself, once you can learn to love your self it really does show without you even realising example, i was walking back from college and i got called SEXY! not once but twice in the same week.

The majority of individuals go through a tough childhood and mine was hell so i can see why i had my insecurities. On the other hand you say that you don’t believe people if they tell you, your beautiful, well if you find it too good to be true then you need to work on that by not paying interest to what other individuals opinions are regarding your looks and just keep telling yourself your beautiful and you’ll develop such a strong opinion of your self that what others say won’t matter to you.

At the end of the day if you can learn to love your self and strengthen your self-respect, self-worth and confidence it will shine through you so just be who you choose to be not who others choose to see.

This advice isn’t just aimed at you but those who have posted their replies and share the same insecurities.

(Personally you don’t need to attempt to look better, you look gorgeous as you are).

Hope that was helpful enough.

Answer #3

some people are just naturally gorgeous without makeup or hair done or the right outfit to highlight them. others are totally hopeless no matter what. then theres plain looking people that have average features when they wake up in the morning, and by no means are unpleasant to look at but just are not naturally stunning, but when they put makeup on or the right outfit/colors to bring out features and the right hairstyle then they can look very pretty/handsome. It seems to me you fit closest to the last one. I think i am too. but i like to think of myself as a blank board that every morning i can turn into whatever drawing i want. so its not so bad :). (hope that didn’t sound too cheesy positive). so…be proud of what you do have and work what you’ve got! and by the way i luv your hair i want mine to be that long but i died it and cut it so i have to wait. and your eyes have a very flowy pretty eyes kinda like princess jasmine. so, there ya go.

Answer #4

wow the picture didnt work here ill attach it on these

Answer #5

id say your pretty

Answer #6

people r beautiful in their own way— and of course ur pretty… my self-confidence is exactly like urs. I’m always worrying of what other people think. it annoys me and i know i shouldn’t but i do… and it keeps me from having fun. so i just be myself and ignore other people if they do make rude comments, because they’re not beautiful if they can talk to other people that way. G2 Go, Kiikiyo

Answer #7

you can upload your photo in: and find out your rank in the world!

Answer #8

your pretty and should have higher self esteem. i am the same way (low self esteem)

Answer #9

Yes you are pretty. You have this very unique beauty that many wish to have. trust me. Your eyes are big and beautiful, and is one of the first things that men look at. I am very self concious as well, and I gain up confidence in myself by telling myself I am pretty. And of course takig care of yourself always works. Manicures, pedicures, facials, new hair cuts, make up, and changes. When they tell you that you are pretty, is true, why would they lie about something positive? Plus, you should know. Look at yourself in the mirror, take pictures. Remember, you have to love yourself first. When you do, people notice, and you will look even more radiant!! hope this helps!

Answer #10

are you related to that boxer lol?

Hi just wear mascara and nice clothes then you will stand out lads don’t care how you look it just depends if they like you

Answer #11

Yes, you’re pretty.

Answer #12

heres the other one

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