Who am I? Emo, punk...?

hi my name is Ruth im new and I raily wont to know who I am, I wonna know if im a emo,punk or what ever can some one please help me

Answer #1

I know what you mean, if you like black clothes, you might be goth, Punk and Emo are pretty similar, one led from the other, Punks wear stripey skinny jeans, spikey hair etc. Emo wear skull details, purple details etc. I know it’s very general and I can be wrong, but that’s pretty it.

Answer #2

I think its better to be different than other people. so I agree with the others above, you dont need to label yourself. im just saying.

Answer #3

im pretty much with them ^^ but if you do feel the need to label yourself it’ll pretty much depend on your style been labeled as different things dpending on what I happen to be wearing from goth to when dressed all in black to punk when im wearing my biker jacket but hey I preffer to be me rather than a label .

Answer #4

Who YOU are and what label you are associated with are 2 different things, in my opinion. Theres a fine, hard to see line there.

You can manipulate your image, it’s harder to manipulate yourself. For example, I know my mates dad is a real Harley tough guy (the kind you really don’t want trouble from) yet he can’t stand seeing animals hurt. Go figure. 2 completely different sides, the label being the tough biker, the person being the sad to see animals die sensitive side.

So just go for whatever you want to be. I don’t recomment following popular trends (like when goth was in or when emo came along) just go with what YOU want.

Answer #5

why label yourself?

Answer #6

Labels are for soup cans…


Answer #7

I agree with scary sarah. Don’t label yourself?

Answer #8

You’re probably a teenager. So, Just go with it.

Don’t expect to find out who you are for a good while. You’re still changing, and you’ll change a lot during the next several years.

Good luck.

Answer #9

Labels are for posers. If you say you’re emo, punk, whatever, you’re not, and I will slap you. (WHOA, this Q is ooooold!)

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