I pee a lot, can that be pregnancy ??

I had my period on the 7th, ended on the 14th and then I had sex I think and the 20th or the 22nd. my boyfriend cumed inside but I was on top so half of the cum went out again. also, it was our 2nd sex of the day, so not that much cum came out. the first one he did it outside. but this whole week, I’ve been peeing a lot. like every 5 minutes or so, can that be caused by pregnancy ? or is it the effect of something else? thanks

Answer #1

peeing allot is definatly a sign of pregnancy. Although it could be something else. its best to go get medical advice. Dont want to sound patronising but if you have unprotected sex you run the risk of getting pregnant its a fact of life dear.

Answer #2

First off, being on top does not mean that “half” of the cum came out…those little suckers swim faster then you could blink, so most of them probably made it to safely inside of you.

Secondly, just because he already came doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a lot of sperm…a man’s body constantly makes sperm. Also even if he finished outside of you he still had pre-cum which is loaded with sperm…and you can get pregnant from that. And by the way, no guy can stop that from coming out.

Now, peeing a lot during pregnancy is normally because of the weight of the baby on your bladder…so this normally doesn’t happen until the baby is bigger. But you’re going to have to wait until you get your period or should be getting your period to find out if you’re pregnant.

And anytime you have unprotected sex you risk a pregnancy…even having it during your period.

Answer #3

It doesn’t matter if he came just a little bit or a lot. One little sperm cell, just one, can get you pregnant. But you don’t really show signs of being pregnant until the 2nd month you are pregnant.

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