I odnt know what to do

okay my boyfriend and I have been dateing for a long time and he wants me to give him head can any one tell me what to do

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don't be forced in to it , only do it if you want to.

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There are websites that have all the information you could possibly need.
Search "blowjob tips" in google
But dont do anything that you are not comfortable with
Dont let your boyfriend force you to do anything you dont want to do

I odnt know what to do
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Use your tongue on the tip and swirl it round, put you mouth into an O and put it in his mouth, put pressure on it with your mouth but DON'T let your teeth touch it. move it in and out(not all the way out) while swirling the tip with your tongue. You may also like to use 1-2 fingers at the base to give him a hand job as well while making sure you don't gag on it. It's good fun :D

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The only advice I am going to give is don't do it unless you want to. And by the question it seems its your boyfriend who is doing all the wanting. Don't be pressured in to anything

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