I need to pass drug test

I have a drug test in 2dayz and need to know what is the quickest way to detox ?if anyone got any good suggestions

Answer #1

what drugs are you taking?? weed/THC =3-4weeks liqour=2days crack,heroine=4 days I heard canberry juice works but if you took drugs I dont think you even should even pass because like why are you taking drugs??

Answer #2

Vinegar doesn’t work…neither does niacin or drinking a lakeful of water.

The only thing that can cleanse the body is time or a high-quality detox system (not cheap), but even that won’t get you clean in only 2 days.

Answer #3

Some drugs will disapate in your system in two days…some take up to 4 days…and THC can take 30…

There is no way of cleansing the system…


Answer #4

you can try cleaning your body by drinking vinager

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