I need something more

I need something to keep my self intertained throughout the days, I triied to find a job and I failed I dont go to school either is there any ideas as a hobby? or how to find a job in scarborough? lol or a free class for entertainment purposes in scarborough I could attend? thanks I need to beable to feel more free and have friends!

Answer #1

bleh I get exactly waht you mean!! maybe consider gettin a job? I know I could use one…fun mail me if you’d like and we can think up some ideas..I don’t know..if you’d like..

Answer #2

How about getting involved in some sort of volunteer work. I’m sure there must be some organizations in your area that would appreciate the help. Not only would you be helping others, you would also be exposing your self to new experiences. You’ll also feel good about yourself.

Answer #3

I live in WV/ lol try video games:D:D:D

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