I need some fun (sexual) dares plż

Ima bout to play truth or dare with this guy I like ..
I need some fun (sexual) dares plż
Or some truths
Let me have whateverr you've got I really want some truth or dares dares especially (((:::

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Hey curious17. I like the "I dare yu" stuff... and I'm sure my guy will too !! Thanks

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Dares ::

I dare yu too lick alcohal of my vagina./,dick
I dare yu too pleasure yurself in front of me for two minutes
I dare yu too blindfold me and use different tings to pleasure me
I dare yu too talk dirty to me
I dare yu too let me strip you outside
I dare yu too give me a lap dance


whats the best sex uv ever had
if yu cud do whaat yu want with me for 5 minutes what wud it be
whats the kinkyest ting I cud do to you
whats your favorite part on my body
what picture do you have in your head when you masterbate
what is your sexual fantasy

What is a good fun sexual punishment?
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When was the last time you came?
Did you ever fake an org@sm?

Cover yourself with (honey, chocolate sauce, etc)
Run naked down the street
French kiss same gender

what are some fun like sex games me and my boyfriend can play over texting

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