I need some ideas for a mystery story

ok for those of you out there who have sum good ideas 4 a mystery… I COULD REALLY USE SOME!! THANK you SOOO MUCH!!:D:D:D

Answer #1

an angel comes to this person in a dream only its not a dream. the angel is the angel of death. the parents of the victim call the police and they say that there kid died of natural causes , or did they? the angel is retireing and the person is the next angel of death. she doesnt have a chioce. shes found her destiny and that destiny is death.

Answer #2

I stumbled upon this …and thought it would make a good thriller/mystery and it really happened!

1959: In the Dyatlov Pass incident, Nine ski hikers in the Ural Mountains abandoned their camp in the middle of the night in apparent terror, some clad only in their underwear despite sub-zero weather. Six of the hikers died of hypothermia and three by unexplained fatal injuries. Though the corpses showed no signs of struggle, one victim had a fatal skull fracture, two had major chest fractures (comparable in force to a car accident), and one was missing her tongue. The victims’ clothing also contained high levels of radiation. Soviet investigators determined only that “a compelling unknown force” had caused the deaths, barring entry to the area for years thereafter.

Google it for more info. Good luck

Answer #3

There is a family called the Johnsons, they move to a new house in the middle of no where and at night they keep on hearing weird screams and noises. So they investigate and find a ghost who had drowned in the pool at the new house. There for she is messing around with the water works in their new house and actually just wants to get revenge on her brother. Because her memory has gone she thinks that her brother pushed her into the pool but actually he helped her out but he didnt know how to do C.P.R so she died because she had to much water in her body. Then she finds out because they talk it through to her and work it out and they never have problems anymore and they know she is there and that she wont cause anymore problems anymore.

Answer #4

some guy is blackmailing you and you don’t know who it is so you are trying to figure out who it is as a detective

Answer #5

somebody killed somebody and people dont know who but theres evidence (hair, clothes, jewlrey, etc,.) that the killer left behind that may help whoever it is thats trying to find the killer find the killer. but then add an unexpected twist like the detective whos trying to find the killer has a split personality and its actually the detective who killed the person.

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