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I need some help about what I should do about a car

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Ok well I just turned 17 a few months ago and till now I wasn't ready for reality but now I am ready and when I turn 18 I want to get a car and my license I have been searching for info and looking for car's I may want for years now I think I started when I was like 14 any ways I was thinking about a 2007 toyota prius 4dr hatchback 2wd but I don't know so what do you think is a dependable car that doesn't cost to much I'm not getting it brand new just pre owned so yea what do you think ? All so this is what I want in a car dependable, small ,it can't be stick shift, it has to be 4 wheel drive cause I live where theirs allot of snow, I want it to be reliable and safe ,and it would all so be great to have it come with automatic starter cause as I said I live where there's all of snow so yea that's what I want so what do you think is a good car for me ?