I need questions for a game ( 20 questions)

Any help will be taken.. It can be what ever you want...life sex colors...be creative please! Thanks!

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if your parents forbade you to date me for no reason would you do it anyway?

if I told you I was a virgin/born again virgin would you stay with me and wait til marriage, cheat on me or break up with me?

where do you see yourself ion 5 years?

if I were a crayon what color would I be and why?

if you had a super power what would it be and why?

would you ever choose between me or a friend who told you I was cheating but had no proof?

what would you think of me if I fell in love with you and you didn't love me?

whats your relationship like with your parents? how often do you call/talk to them?

if we played truth or dare which would you choose the most?

do you like taking risks?

do you like surprises?

whats the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?

if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

whats your fave music, color, movie, book, food, photo of yourself, celebrity?

If you had 10 mins to get anything you wanted in the mall for free what would you grab?

if I told your parents I was emo, gothic, Jewish, bisexual, Christian, disrespectful, biracial, racist or atheist what would they say?

if I had a uncontrollable problem of passing gas would you still hangout with me in public?

whats your fave ride at the fair?

does your family have any traditions, what are they?

are you supersticious?...

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if you throttle a smurf what color will it turn? lmao

what are some fun like sex games me and my boyfriend can play over texting
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Crayons or makers?

Hand or Tounge?

What's the scariest thing at night?

Curious question

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