costume ideas for group a capella bowling tournament?

OK sooo every year my choir does this A Capella bowling tournament. And each group dresses up in costume. The costumes have to be VERY distinctive. I know one gorup is doing The Jabbowockeez and another group did our choir teacher (which was hilarious) Another group is doing thuglife which is like super easy but whatever. The 80s has been done, so has nerds. we were thinking the 7 dwarfs but none of us our short and to win your costume has to be pretty distinctive. sooo any advice? we have four girls and three guys.

Answer #1

7 deadly sins.

Different diseases

serial killer victims

titanic passengers

Where’s waldo

Fashion don’ts

One hit wonders

Famous paintings

Characters seen on cops

Angelina Jolies adopted kids

Answer #2

thankyou for the answer:) but I was thinking like distinctive things that go together. 7 dwarfs, ninja turtles, power rangers…

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