I need help with this girl

I met her wensday, we have been talking non stop and we hung out the past couple of days. me and her hung out alone yesterday and we were cuddeling and spooning and it was cute and we were holding hands and stuff and it really seemed like she liked me. when I went home and asked her about it she said she likes me more as a friend. then later that night I asked if it was just that she wasent shure if she liked me and she said “yea, I know if I like you yet.”. so I was thinking “ok ill give it time and wait it out.”. but do you think she said that so I was not upset or do you think she said that cause she means it? cause she told me she means it but im worried. and also if she says that does that leave any hope I mean I want to hang out with her alone again and see where it goes but from how we were cuddleing and she was laying in my arms do you think I have a chance?should I wait for her?

Answer #1

well if a girl tells you she doesnt know about liking you, then she means it. it taakes a lot of time for a girl to figure something really little out.

I think you should wait on her, but if it takes too long.. like 5 days to a week, than you should give up..

if she waits that long, that means that in the relationship, she wont be sure about anything.

and it probably wouldnt last long.. becase she wasnt sure about you in the first place..

get what im saying?

hop it helped(:

Answer #2

ask her out first off and depending on her answer you will know if you have a chance (keep in mind that you already have her interested in you as a person…so the odds are she will say yes) and a bit of advice…never ask a girl “if she would” go out with you, many people would not admit it, you ask them out directly so they know your interested and can then feel comfortable enough to be honest about how they feel for you :)

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