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I need help with my book title

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This is the back of my book description--I'm begging you not to steal it! :( I put it up only because I really need help with the title!

Finally, Tak, one of the youngest, said softly, “That’s Morzan’s boat.” “Hush, Tak, it never existed.” “No,” he insisted. “That…thing is it. It’s Sakridor.”

Eoin Dale is a bright, content, and clever adolescent boy that lives in a community of other abandoned boys his age. He is not overly brave, daring or courageous, but when the huge mass murderer cereal killer Morzan shows himself after being dead for over two-thousand years, yet in the body of his own little wooden craft that he built to spread disease for eternity, Eoin is forced to become what he is not; a warrior

Tristan Javvlou is a sarcastic, funny, delighted boy also living in the community with Eoin. He never wanted anything but to be with his friends, until a mass murdering from the self-proclaimed housing for Morzan’s own cut out brain kills all the boys in the community but himself, who shamefully hid, and Eoin and Damien, whose lives being spared was still a mystery, Tristan joins the other two boys in their quest to find the heir of Morzan and kill him or her.

Damien is an angry, unhappy and sarcastic young man whose parentage is shrouded in mystery, past that his name, Damien, means ‘Son of the Devil.’ He is troubled…is he the heir? He has no last name, and when the murdering happened, the only ones spared were the ones he liked; could he have killed the other boys? Morzan is also known as the devil. Is he the heir of Morzan? All the pieces fit together, and Damien is beginning to fear no longer the threat of an unknown enemy as the heir…but himself.

It’s hull was facing Damien, it’s prow facing Eoin. It was staring at him, with cold, bloodthirsty red eyes.