How can I find freedom from my nephews?

okay, my nephews are 5, 2, and 1. they are also my next door neighbors. I am 13, so almost a decade’s age difference between us, and they call me over every friggin day. I can’t stand it any more! they call me over so I can put up with 2 screaming todlers for 3 hours while my oldest nephew says “let’s play penguins of madegascar, I’M RICO”. I can’t just say no. all calls go through my mom, and I can’t just say, “ugh but I don’t want to,” because she’ll be like, “oh just play with your nephews for a little while,” and a little while turns into 3 hours because I hate to see them sad when I leave. they’re mom only encourages them. I’m thirteen. I don’t want to remember my summers as a kid playing with preschoolers. Hhhheeelllppp me :(

Answer #1

Tell your mother that you dont mind playing with your nephews but you want some time alone or to go out with your friends. When you go over there simply explain to them that you can only play for an hour. Hope I could help :) . Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #2

I am 17. What I used to do when my relatives called me over to play/watch their kids, I got REALLY sick of doing it for free, So I started mailing them bills for the hours I “babysat” them.

You say it can turn into 3 hours? send them a bill for 21$ and describe why you are billing them and state your fees are 7$ an hour (or another creative number.) This will either get your point across or bag some nice coin. Either way, you come out happy. :P

Answer #3

Maybe you should try talking to their mom about it.. I know they’re your nephews and you love them but you’re allowed to have a life too ! Good luck ! :)

Answer #4

Talk to their parents about this…that’s your brother/sister(?), and you should be able to be clear about your position there.

Let them know that you enjoy spending time with the kids, but you’re starting to feel like you’re being taken advantage of, and you’re not a free babysitter…you have a life of your own.

Answer #5

Or just bill them ^.~ No need to get touchy feely.

Answer #6

pretend your sick. but if you are doing something fun that day don’t even try!

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