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How can I find freedom from my nephews?

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okay, my nephews are 5, 2, and 1. they are also my next door neighbors. I am 13, so almost a decade's age difference between us, and they call me over every friggin day. I can't stand it any more! they call me over so I can put up with 2 screaming todlers for 3 hours while my oldest nephew says "let's play penguins of madegascar, I'M RICO". I can't just say no. all calls go through my mom, and I can't just say, "ugh but I don't want to," because she'll be like, "oh just play with your nephews for a little while," and a little while turns into 3 hours because I hate to see them sad when I leave. they're mom only encourages them. I'm thirteen. I don't want to remember my summers as a kid playing with preschoolers. Hhhheeelllppp me :(