I need help please

am so sad from my b.f he became doesn’t care about me like first I don’t know why maybe he doesn’t love me more like first do you know if he calls me just call 2 m say hi hi bye bye he doesn’t ask me about how am I ? or what am doing all the day ? he became so far he prefers his friends on me , I’ll tell you like what if he goes out with his friends ana come back to his home and calling me imagine what he says he says am tired so I go to slep and if I tell him that I want to speak more with him he told me I want to sleep although am not calling him at all because I want to be sure that he loves me but all this behaviours make me so confused ,what can I do in your opinion ?

Answer #1

he doesn’t do that but he looks to any girl in street and I told him that this thing made me upset from him ?

Answer #2

maybe he just aint interested anymore you shouldnt stress urself out so much 4get him find someone else you probably better off w/o his srry a$$

Answer #3

I don’t know really, I would tell him how I feel and that he would have 2 spend more time with me( u ). or maybe he’s shy with u . guys normally do that after you are with them a lot, they would kinda ignore u, happened 2 my friend, her boyfriend would ignore her and he would flirt with other girls, does your boyfriend do that??? if he does it’s pretty clear he wants 2 get rid of u, but you get rid of him first!

hope I helped!, chow!

Answer #4

you guys should try to sit down and talk.. seems to me like he’s just trying to push you away… why wont you just try give him some space liek call him every other day and see… just inc ase he thinks you her smotherin him.. but if he keeps acting like that. you shouldnt even want to bother and stay with him… because hes treating you like a girlfriend>? how long have you guys been together if you mind me asking?

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