Why am i sweating so much?

im sweatin a lot, I tried everyyything, but couldnt help, I went 2 Dr, but stupid Dr said thats natural and he cant help,
what should I do :(((, im gettin crazy I cant wear colorful clothes, I neeed helllp :(((

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TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!! That is the simplest answer!!! Use deodorant, every time after you take a shower... Also, to help with sweating drink plenty of water. (oh, and the doctor isn't stupid.. it is a natural part of going threw puberty!)

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Taking care of yourself can improve this problem, look over your diet. Don't eat too much red meat, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and drink fluids. Going for walks and/or playing sports could also help you.


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yea, I know how you feel, I used to be like that, and IT IS NATURAL!!
cause we're still growing, it will stop by the time, and it stopped with me, its been a year I didn't sweat like that...

...take a shower everyday
...use "Lady Speed Stick" _ "Teen Spirit" _ "Cool Coconut" everytime you take a shower use it, and everyday before you go to school in the morning.
...when you sweat dry underarms, so it doesn't get more
when you're feeling like you're multing, don't wait til' you start sweating, go to cold area to refresh yourself
...(if it stinks) drink a lot of water, it will never stink if you drink water.
just keep yourself clean as much as you can, and it will cover up that you're sweating, when you're all clean, people will look at the clean side (they won't look under you arms)
hope I helped
good luck

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thanks 4 your helppp,

Does anyone know anything I can do to stop this?

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go to a speacilist or buy a deodrant that helps with the sweating it will eitha stop you sweating as much or stop the smell of the sweat as much as it can.
also with the clothes that you wear , wear clothes that are made with natural fibres , this will stop you sweating aswell.
good luck!

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