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I need help finding a screen name

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here is some stuff about me::

Name :: lauren
Age :: 16
Sports? :: I like to play basketball, but I am a bowler
Prep? Goth? Athletic? Etc.. :: Athletic I guess
Any Nicknames :: bubbles, luren
Words you like :: I don't know
Animals you like :: ipenguin, monkey, cat
Do you want your name in your SN ::maybe
Love sn? (ex : iiTHiiNKY0URMiiNE) :: dont care
Hobbies :: sports
Words like BABii - SWEETiiE - etc / yes or no :: mabye
Hair color :: blonde
Eye Color :: blue
Single / Taken :: single
Fav. Singer/Band :: nickelback, ryan cabrera, justin timberlake, rascal flatts
Type of Music :: pop, hip hop, rap
Fav. Song :: far away-nickelback and what hurts the most-rascal flatts
Fav. Color :: pink and green
Anything else?? :: im the most random person on the face of the earth, so I want my sn to be super random too =]