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OK, women...I asked my boyfriend of 6 months to show me what really turns him on, so he shows me porn videos of women giving blow jobs and the guys cumming in their mouths...a lot and then swallowing! All I could do was gag and look away quickly for fear of him seeing me gag, being really disappointed and getting a complex while we made love in the future. I've tried swallowing with him once, and I nearly threw up, but I did it and he loved it - that's been 5 months ago! I REALLY want to turn him on with swallowing, but I'm SERIOUSLY having a difficult time with it. HELP!

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I dunno why, but swallowing is a big turn on...

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he has to have more turn ons I know we do things because we love some one but if it means gaging dont do it tell him to tell or show you what else turns him on

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Well what puts you off about it. Is it the taste or just the idea. By eating honey he can make it taste really sweet. And if you aren't comfortable with swallowing then don't.

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***Pineapple juice is suppose to make cum taste sweeter.***

TRUE. Three of my ex-girlfriends can attest to that.

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I have hears that a man's cum can taste different depending on what he eats or drinks that day. Pineapple juice is suppose to make cum taste sweeter. I'll have to get my wife to test that theory.

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I dont think it matters whether you sollow of spit.. he still gets all the cum out of him thats the main thing.. and I absoluty find swollowing discusting I would throw up no matter how many times I try it.. YUK!! :P

does he do what turns you on?? Maybe he should, koz its a 2 way relationship :)

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um... I don't know that kinda thing is a turn on to me but it doesnt matter to me really. the best think to do is if you r going to do it in the future thhen you shud try and get used to it. if not then dont worry bout it

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