What if I don't know anyone at my new middle school?

Im very scared Im going to middle school and I dont Know anybody at the middle school Im going to.What do I do.

Answer #1

well of course you are scared , thats natural and i spect that there are many other people that are in the same situation as you. when you first get there , go and sit next to anyone , and hopefully through class activities you will make friends naturally. when i first went up to college i knew no one waht so ever and i went and sat next to one girl and from that we made friends and then joined other groups , dont be to scared ok you will be fine just dont wait fo people to come and speak to you make the effert to speak to them!! i hope i have helped in some ways take care X

Answer #2

be outgoing. take advantage of having a fresh start, but keep in touch with old friends too.

Answer #3

First, don’t worry - you won’t be the only new person there - just be friendly and smile, be yourself and you’ll make a friend before you know it..I wish you a great year !!

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