Is it true that touching your boobs will help them grow?

is it true that if you touch your boobs they grow faster well I was also wondering if there is any onther way to grow your boobs besides creams and that stuff I have to buy just natural growth please help

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sorry it aint true, however if you are in your teens your body is still developing and by the time you reach 19 you will have fully developed so just wait it on it.

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Touching/massaging will not help your boobs grow bigger. Also I have read quite a few reviews and most people don't find that the cream work. There are natural tablets however that will can make your boobs get bigger by up to 3sizes (just type in "natural breast enhancing tablets" into google).

Also you could try doing excersises. Have you ever been asked by a guy to try touch your elbows behind your back? Well basically this excersise involves put your arms in a sort of "chicken wing" position and swing them from the fron of your body to the back doing the touching elbow position at the back making your boobs stick out and repeat this as many times as you like. Also you could try toning your abdomin to make your boobs stick out from your figure more (I don't know how thin you are and if you are very thin already this will not work).

Hope this helped hunni! x

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If touching and fondling breasts made them grow, I'd be bigger than Dolly Parton as much as my boyfriend likes to play with and suck on my breasts.

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Touching your breasts will not help them grow. I think if it did, everyone would have large breasts..

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