I'm wondering: what's everybody irrational fear?

So, I was just curious to see what’s everybody irrational fear/ phobia? Do you have more than one? :) Mine are:

  1. I have Entomophobia (fear of insects)
  2. I’m afraid that things will blow in my face (things like the oven, the pc’s monitor, seatbelt & so on)
  3. I’m afraid of asphyxiation, drowning & crushing :) Quite a few
Answer #1

I’m also terrified of things coming anywhere near my face (flies, 3-d movies, my fringe), behind alone in wide open spaces, not being able to se an exit (these last two I think are mild agoraphobia) and I have a very irrational fear of e.t.

Answer #2

OMG I am afraid of thesun too lol but it’s because of my huge fear of getting cancer. I have a huge fear of getting breast cancer and skin cancer

Answer #3

Hmmm, well I am deathly terrified of really bad storms, and like I dont know if its fear or what but I can not drink or eat ANYTHING that has like a wetish feel(I.e. chip dip, ranch, jello) after someone else because I feel then that the “wetish” feel is their spit and I have to throw up. haha pretty dumb I guess.

Answer #4

as far as fears ago I am quite unusual, I love reptiles and spiders dont bother me at all, I happen to own a snake myself. 1 weird fear that I have is that an earwig or some other small insect will crawl up my nostrils or through my ear when im sleeping and begin to slowly eat my brain D: it doesnt alter my sleep though

Answer #5

im scared of really high heights. but roller coasters dont bother me drowning and im scared to grow up im 16 and ill have to move out of here soon and go to college but I dont know what im going to do yet =/

Answer #6

I suffer from EXTREME arachniphobia (not spelled right, I know)… fear of spiders. not the little insy tiny ones, but if one bigger than a penny comes anywhere in my line of vision, I totally TWIG OUT. and I hate things near my face. if someone even pretends like they’re going to slap me in the face, like raise their hand suddenly or wave papers infront of me, I cringe and start crying. I’m pretty smart actually. I mean, duh! Who wants to get hit in the face! lol ;)

Answer #7
  1. clowns-always been scared of em
  2. balloons-always pop in my face
  3. germs-eww
  4. spinning-bad experiance the other day
  5. wasps and bees-ever since I was lil I’ve been scared
  6. being alone-sometimes
  7. water-scared of drownding
  8. death-I’ve been to too many funerals
  9. light-most of the time
  10. monsters-yea I have bad dreams and I wake up to weird noises. ik its stupid.
Answer #8

I have a phobia of wasps :)

Answer #9

unlike some people I love storms!! I hate questions (when people ask meh) im kinda scared of light (I love the dark) trucks large amounts of water glass my parents and bugs I love reptiles tho

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