I'm under 16, no credit card.. how do I earn money?

I am 14 years old, cannot drive, do NOT have a credit card and will NOT use my mom’s, I cannot get a learners’ permit, and I won’t do stupid crap like babysit and walk dogs. It’s cold where I live. COLD. Is there any way, possible, on this earth, I find something to do to earn money?

Answer #1

When I was 14. I did yard work and cleaned a few pools for people in my neighborhood. I’f it snows a lot, you can make a couple hundred a day depending on how fast you can shovel ( I used to live in Boston)

Answer #2

Shovelling is a pretty good idea, thanks. I forgot about that, and it’s probably gonna snow any day now..

Answer #3

I wouldn’t be fast to turn down babysitting if you need money. You can get them to bring the kids to your house and if you take a job where you watch them at night you don’t have to do anything. Or figure out what your good at and make a little business. Sorry that’s all I got hope I helped sorry if I didn’t good luck :)

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