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I'm thinking about doing kickboxing

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I live on campus downtown here and I get totally bored. I can't find a job, the economy sucks right now, and I just go to class, go to the gym, and come back to my dorm...I get sooo bored I want to go crazy! Well, there is a gym around here that has kickboxing classes (there's signs everywhere) and I want to do it. They'll give two free weeks which hopefully will give me enough time to come up with the money, and it is a good workout (you can burn 700-900 cals per class!) I wouldn't be bored and I could lose a lot of weight...I get bored doing the same routine at the gym, so I think this would be good for me. it true that it is THAT good of a workout? I am a VERY optimistic person, so I'm excited that I could lose a lot of weight doing this. On the site it said you could see results faster than traditional workouts. I'm excited...but I don't wanna be let down. It also said that the workouts change a lot so you don't get bored... What do you think?