How can I be less afraid of starting high school?

Hi my name is Leandra and I’m starting my Freshman year at High School next month. I know that most people get nervous on their first day of school, but I’m terrified! I don’t know how I’m going to fit in, make friends, etc. Last year I joined a club that practically kept me away from my friends and no one in the club liked me at all. All they did was make fun of my unique interests. Anyways I don’t know anyone who is going to my High School since all my friends are going to a different one. Like I said before I’m very scared, is there anyone who can make me less afraid?

Answer #1

I know how you feel when i first went into high school i didn’t know anyone either. Then i met this girl who clicked with me imeadiatly. then we just opend up to other people and made a ton more friends! i know it can b intimidating but dont let it get you down. im sure you’ll be just fine.

Answer #2

sure im right there with ya. i start tomorrow, but ive already met friends, im sure you’ll be fine! just sort of sit around and be yourself.. im sure you are saying “listen to this guy with his bullsh*t if i wanted a lecture i could ask my parents” but really, someone exactly like you will cme around and hang out with you, you wont be alone.

Answer #3

Well my first year I was terrified too, and on my way there my stomach was hurting so bad, but just think “do I care what people think of me” and pray to God that everything will turn out fine, don’t let others intimidate you and always keep your head up. I made friends when I was going to something called summer bridge and it was the first day. Also try going up to people and asking questions, that is a good way to make friends for the while.

Answer #4

be outgoing. you have a fresh start, take advantage of it =]]

Answer #5

i know how you feel. i was a freshman last year. you’ll make new friends. don’t even worry about it.

one word of advice; don’t tick off upper classman. if you do then your highschool life will be horrible.

just talk to people. a good time to meet people is lunch. just sit with kids from your old school that you know even if your not friends. you will become friends over time. just remember everyone is scared and nervous. just be yourself and don’t worry :D

Answer #6

im in my last year of high school now and honestly, you have nothing to be afraid of. I’m the sarcastic vegetarian of the year and I even have a lot af good friends. You’ll make friends really quickly and find that one best friend who you know you’ll be in contact with in thirty years. Lessons are loads more fun than junior school and you have more freedom. Enjoy it! Its a new start. Furby xx

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