I'm Not Sure?

Ok, about a week back I started getting “prank” calls, when I say prank I mean there was no-one talking back to me, but I did know there was someone there; not just falling asleep leaning on their phone; because they kept ringing me back. Soon after about an hour of talking to myself/ them( they didnt say one word, this was about 12 oclock midnight.) I decied to call my Girlfriend, funnily enough she wasnt in bed. apperently she had been writing in her diary… this late? ok I let it slide.

Then Today! I get the same thing! but this time after calling m back after the 3rd time, I get a text from my girlfriend saying exactly this “Nah tganx don’t want you.tbh”

Yeah confused? me too! so you know this was today bout two hours ago ( over here it 2:42 now, so do the math) I decided to ring her up and mention, you know shes sending me weird messaes by mistake, so I ring her. she answers and I can hear her, but shes not talking…

im saying “look babe, are you drunk, whats gong on?” you know asking all these questions, then she hangs up!

So okay I ring back, you know the usual, she hangs up again!

right, so I go back up stairs and I get another message saying”The other one!”

What the blatent Fu_k?

Now by now I have come to the conclusion that she is drunk, but is she also the person prank calling me? she swore to me she had no idea what I was talking about last time, used it against me in some arguements saying I talk to random strangers?!

Come on, I need help here, should I fell worried? I have no clue as too what is happening… when I last got the prank calls a week ago she was not drunk, she was at home?

I dont know whether it IS her or NOT and I dont know what the texts mean!?

If anyone manages to understand what I’ve just wrote, Much aprriciated for just trying man!


Answer #1

wow umm I think your taking this to seriously…u should just ignore the calls and texts and act like nothing is happening…if its you girlfriend she’ll eventually bring it up and then you can tell her you dont know what the hell shes talking about!!! this way you can avoid any problems.

Answer #2

So confused. Have you tried *69? and if this was on your cell phone, check the numbers received (on your bill)… then call back and see who it was?

Answer #3

This is always on my mobile, they are always a WITHELD F**K!NG NUMBER! I hate it!!

I don’t know what to do!?

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