I'm not gay but i want a girl to eat me out

I'm not gay but I want a girl to eat me out do that make me bi but I don't want to kiss her are nothing else are eat her out I just want her to do me and that all

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It doesn't make you gay . It makes you bi-curious .
that little girl doesn't know what she's talking about .
girls will naturally be better and more comforting .

consider this
sex DOESN'T have to be emotional , neither does oral sex .

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No- it just makes you curious.
Plus, from what I've heard, real lesbians are way better at eating out than guys, because well they have the same parts, so they KNOW what feels good, you know?
So no, I don't think that makes you bi.

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A girl eating out another girl is sex. Oral sex, whatever.
So making a girl do to you would make you lesbian / bisexual.
Just make a guy do it to you if you really want it.

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hmm I think you might be sorta bi hun b/c why wouldn't you just want a guy to eat you out?

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its just curious ya know most women and girls are straight and are CURIOUS or want to experience sex with their own gender

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okay, I'm bisexual and girls eating girls out isn't lesbian or gay or whatever people want to call it. It's just being curious. It doesn't matter what people think. If you want a girl to do it then go ahead. It's hot to look down and see a girl instead of a guy. It turns me on more. I don't think that you are actually bisexual unless you form a relationship with a girl. I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and I love them both to death. I know a lot of girls who think it's wierd for girls to want girls but I know a lot of straight women who have sex with women. It doesn't make you bisexual, just bicurious. I guess that's just my point of view though. I hope I helped.

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It doesn't mean your bi or a lesbian. You sound like you're experimental. It's normal.

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I'm a girl who isn't bi and I've been wanting to eat a girl out

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