Whats the valentines day fruit?

Random queston… Whats the valentines day fruit???
A. Strawberry B. Tomatoe C. Cherry

Tell meh what you think, k :)

Answer #1

tomatoe is a fruit…:)

Answer #2

haha I 1st thought it was gonna b strawberry :)

Answer #3

Tomato is a fruit (it’s considered to be a kind of berry)… I will say cherry ;).

Answer #4

haha lolz, someone might want 2 look it up…:)

Answer #5

berries strawberries chocolate covered strawberries cherries(obviously)

Answer #6

Tomato? I’ve never been fed chocolate covered tomatoes.. odd.

Answer #7

haha lolz :) well heres the answer: tomatoe YOU WERE ALL WRONG!!! :)

Answer #8

lol are you serious!!! what a shocker!! ahahaha

Answer #9

Lol.But a tomatoe is not cute! Ithink it should be A cherry.It got that cute lil long stem and all .lolz

Answer #10

cherry duh hehehe dats what I call my girlfriend lol

Answer #11

I would say choc covered strawberries? or cherries… doubt it’s a tomato though..lol.

Answer #12

I think its strawberrys or cherrys cause their fruit.. tomatoe is a vegetable

Answer #13

im going to go with strawberry :)

Answer #14

strawberries and cherry

Answer #15

Nice going natie, lol :P!

Answer #16

Cherryy :D

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